Juan O'Sullivan's Product Testimonials

"Fantastic salsa -- the light texture and distinctive flavors that come out are always remarkable to me. I bring some with me from Des Moines to Minneapolis every time I get a chance."
– Joe Mignano - Juan's Medium Gourmet Salsa - 2 pk

"I just tasted this salsa for the first time at my parent's house. My Mom served this salsa with some tortilla chips as an early Thanksgiving snack. It's delicious!!! It's so good that I had to Google it immediately. It has a great texture and the perfect flavor! I don't know how to describe why it's SO GOOD.. but it IS!!! Great job, Juan O'Sullivan's!! Your salsa is amazing!"
– Natalie Downer - Juan's Medium Gourmet Salsa - 2 pk

" Hello Sean & Becki! I met you for the first time at last Sat. Farmers Market. I'm the one who had to try your salsa a) because I'd heard so much about it and b) because I loved the name! I bought a qt of the med salsa and as I told you after sampling, it is without a doubt the freshest, best tasting salsa I have ever had! I'm addicted to it (thanks, I hope you're happy: ) and eat it almost everyday. I'm ordering a case now online because my very good friend is having a birthday before I can get back to Market and I know she's going to love it as much as I do! Thanks so much for an awesome, homemade, Iowa product. Look forward to seeing you at Market soon and sampling the Salsa de Mesa sauce."
– Mary Rink - Juan's Medium Gourmet Salsa - 6 pk

"We first sampled Juan's medium and hot salsa at the Des Moines Home and Garden Show in February. We bought a few jars and as soon as they were gone, we ordered 12 more from the website. How convenient! Juan's medium is just the right "temperature" and texture for our tastes. We eat a lot of salsa almost daily on chips and in recipes and we like to try new brands but we have found our favorite. Our advice: order a dozen jars at a time so you won't run out."
– Troy and Jill Gullett - Juan's Medium Gourmet Salsa - 12 pk

"Juan O'Sullivan's Salsa is the best I have ever tasted! It even beats that served in restaurants! The texture is perfect and the heat is just right. Many of my friends and family - from Iowa to Arizona agree! I also love supporting entrepreneurs here in Iowa! Thank you Sean and Becky for a wonderful product!"
– Laura Pearson - Juan's Medium Gourmet Salsa - 2 pk

"Juan's chili garden, salsa, and sauces are a homemade culinary delight. Don't forget to try some of the recipes. I have had the Enchiladas By Becki Sullivan - A.K.A. - Juaníta O'Sullivan. Very nice!!"
– Neil Feldhacker - Juan's Medium Gourmet Salsa - 2 pk

"Juan's Salsa is perfect! It is flavorful and has a great kick without being overwhelming! Other brands cannot compete with the Juan's texture and flavor. You get what you paid for Salsa! Not some vegetables with a super watery base. I have started adding Juan's to things I would never considered suitable for Salsa. My fiancé cannot stop eating it! So much, in fact, I have nicknamed their Hot Salsa, "The Rick Dawson.""
– Alexi Jameson - Juan's Medium Gourmet Salsa - 12 pk

"This salsa is AWESOME!! I first tried it a couple years ago, purchasing it at the DSM Downtown Farmer's Market....and I was HOOKED! It makes every other salsa I have tried pale by comparison. Keep up your excellent work!!!!!"
– Rebecca Waters - Juan's Medium Gourmet Salsa - 2 pk

"I truly like the web site you have created and printed off several recipes. Also, because of your website I also ordered the enchilada sauce for us to try. Thanks again for the convenience you give your customers."
– Brenda McDonald - Juans Gourmet Enchilada Sauce - 2 pk

"I just thought it was one of the best fresh salsas that I've tasted in a long time. The product sells well."
– Tim Nash, Wine Experience - Juan's Supremo Habanero Hot Salsa - 2 pk