Juan O'Sullivan's Staff

Sean Sullivan


Sean Sullivan is co-owner of Juan's and is involved in production but also manages operations, procurement, sales and marketing. Sean was born and raised in central IA and is passionate about growing chile peppers in Juan's Gardens.  He believes in promoting local foods and value adeded ag, and mandates at Juan's that the company use local suppliers whereever possible.  "Juan's is committed to maintaining our roasted chile process, however big we grow."  

Becki Sullivan


Becki Sullivan is co-owner of Juan's, manages production and day to day bookeeping and schedules. Becki was born and raised in central IA as well, and enjoys her two grandchildren and her friends when she is not in the kitchen or paying bills.  Becki loves the DSM Farmer's Market and appreciates all of the great customers she sees every Sat AM, in market season.