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Buy Juan O'Sullivans Gourmet Salsa & Sauces

Buy Juan's?  Details Brelow-  At Juan O'Sullivan's, we make it easy to buy our products.  Rather than your typical Cart Server, to avoid unaffordable bank and processing fees, we have two simple ways to buy and pay for Juan's available.  Most of you, our great customers, are historical buyers so you can mail us a check.  But if you want to use a Credit Card, all you have to do is call us.  All of the details are below.  Thanks! For Your Support

Case of Juan's Salsa or Sauce (12 pints)  Price 80.00.  Includes free shipping

Six Pack of Juan's Salsa or Sauce (6 pints)  Price 50.00.  Includes free shipping

Free Shipping In Continental US

Please call our Juan's Hotline: Becki at 515-710-3509 or Sean at 515-710-3195 and we will process your order and Credit Card Authorization, on the spot.  We can mix Juan's salsa or sauce products in your order so tell us how you want it mixed.  To promote our HARRY HOTTER Ghost Pepper Sauce, we will offer that you can make it, your sixth or twelth pint, at the regular price.  Thanks for supporting our small business.  Sean & Becki

Note:  If you are a regular customer and want to mail us a check, feel free to email us your order as per the Guidelines below and how you have been buying for many years.  

Local Delivery:  If you can't get out to one of our supporting retailers and require Free Shipping in the local Des Moines area, let us know.  We can help out.   

Buy Juan's / Contact Information and Guidelines

Thank you for making a purchase and supporting our small business.  Juan's has implemented a new (old) way to buy Juan's to avoid paying excessive and redundant credit card processing fees. We will ask you to mail us a check or call Sean for credit card authorization.

Products:  Medium Gourmet Salsa, Hot Habanero Salsa, Double Hot Habanero Salsa (Doble lo Caliente), Gourmet Enchilada Sauce, Harry Hotter Ghost Pepper Sauce

Pricing:  Six Pack (6 Pints of one or mixed products) $ 50.00 includes shipping charges (Six Pack of Harry Hotter is $ 72.00)

              Case (12 pints of one or mixed products)  $ 80.00 includes shipping charges  (Full Case of Harry Hotter is $ 100.00)

              (At no extra charge we can make one pint of six pack or two pints of case, Harry Hotter.  Just let us know) 

To purchase any of our gourmet products, please do the following:
1. Click on contact us
2. Complete your contact information
3. In the summary section, tell us what you want and specify either:
  a.) USPS Mail Us a Check  ( Just mail me a check)
     Juan O'Sullivans
    36751 Meadowbrook Cr.
    Cumming, IA 50061   

  b.) Credit Card Purchases:

1.  Complete Steps 1. through 3. above. 

2.  Call us for CC authorization.  Becki at 515-710-3509 or Sean at 515-710-3195

Feel free to call Sean at 515-710-3195 with order, clarifications or credit card purchase.  Please note for security purposes we cannot take credit cards via email.

We appreciate your business. - Sean & Becki Sullivan