Thank You for your support of Juan O'Sullivans Gourmet Salsa and Sauces.

We appreciate your business.  See below details on how to Buy Juan's Products. 

Des Moines Farmer's Market Starts Saturday May 7th, 2016. 

Until then, let us ship or deliver you the best salsa in the world.  

For Local Delivery or to reach Sean, call  515-710-3195.

Harry Hotter Ghost Pepper Sauce

" A good friend Harry, brought us a sack of Ghost Peppers and asked us to make him some sauce.  Attracted by their unique heat and flavor, we made a batch of Ghost Pepper Sauce that is "Hotter" than our normal Salsa de Mesa Hot Sauce.  So in honor of Harry we bring you Harry Hotter Ghost Pepper Sauce" .  Harry Hotter is a great tasting sauce, with no vinegar, that takes your breakfast, pizza or sandwich to a whole new level of satisfaction.  Order some today.......

Buying Juan's On Line

Juan's is moving away from an expensive and redundant Web Credit Card Processing Platform that involves expensive fees from two separate middleman companies. Now, to process credit cards we will communicate with you via a phone order system, and use our already on-hand credit card authorization machine that we use at the Farmers Market.  All you will have to do is simply Contact Us for Credit Card Authorization to obtain Juan's products.  You can call me direct at 515-710-3195.  Email me at Or USPS Mail Us A Check. For more information on how to buy, simply go to How To Buy page.

We appreciate your patience during this time of transition.  Juan's is a very small business and most of you who buy on line are long term and historical customers who we are very thankful for.  We trust you and you trust us. We hope you will continue to purchase from Juan's and understand our motivation for these changes.  We appreciate your business.  Please Follow Juan's on Facebook www.facebook/juanosullivans,  which is very popular and our platform of choice to communicate with you.  Thanks again for your patience.  Sean & Becki Sullivan

Juan O'Sullivan's Gourmet Salsa Co:  Here at Juan's we are very thankful.  We have great customers who require healthy but very tasty foods like Juan's, buy our products consistantly and spread the story of Juan's to their friends and family through word of mouth, email and Facebook.  This means so much to us as a small local value added ag business.  We depend on you.  We wish you a safe and happy summer gardening season.  We will be sending you pictures and updates from our chile gardens.   Thanks for your support.  Becki and Sean Sullivan

Fed Ex Ground:  Salsa is heavy.  It is not uncommon for a case of 12 pints of salsa, depending on destination, to cost 22.00 to 26.00 shipping Fed Ex Ground.  We retain free shipping on six pack and twelve pack to keep it simple. Salsa is heavy.  Please continue to order if you can and sorry for the price increases due to shipping.  Sean

"Make It Half Enchilada Please" 

So many Juan's customers tell us "You make the best Enchilada Sauce in the world!"  Not to be boastful, but we agree and take that responsibility seriously.  It is so good.  Many of our fans post pictures at of their recipes and dishes.  So this holiday season, "Make It Half Enchilada Please", for you to create some great meals and party treats, and be the hit of your special holiday event.  To execute "Make It Half Enchilada" follow up your order with a separate email telling us to make your order half enchilada.  Use Juan’s for Holiday Gift giving too!  Thanks for your business.  Sean

Authentic Roasted Chile Flavor In Every Serving of Juan's


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 The Juan O'Sullivan's Gourmet Salsa and Sauces product label suggests that: everywhere people like you and I are demanding new taste sensations. Driven by that demand, our passion for salsa began and continues in our gardens, growing select varieties of chile peppers. We use top quality ingredients in our exclusive recipe to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy!

That message truly establishes Juan’s foundation and what drives us every day to make the best salsa and sauce product available. We think that is why our customers keep coming back for more of our product. When you take your first bite of Premio Supremo Hot Salsa on a chip or Salsa de Mesa on an omelet, you will immediately savor the flavors and understand that we care about our product and want to give our customers a truly different and enjoyable taste sensation. We grow Poblano and New Mexican green chiles, grill, peel and chop them, and stir them in our salsa.  Enjoy!!!!